Posted13 July 2023

With more consumers seeking out unique, bold flavours with every passing year, companies are looking for new ways to innovate and spice up their offerings. From classic flavour combinations to complex spicy foods, Connect Search, Executive Search specialists operating across the Food and Beverage space look at some of the ingredients & flavours trends expected to be big in 2023.

Intense & nostalgic flavours:

Consumers are looking for flavour combinations that offer a sense of familiarity, comfort, and nostalgia. The trend of nostalgic foods has been gaining traction over the past few years and we expect it to continue into 2023.

Intense, nostalgic flavours that bring childhood memories back to life will increasingly find a place in beverages in 2023, including strawberry, cherry, apple or grape. Young people, in particular, are now easily inspired by more intense flavours – for example, nostalgic flavours such as chocolate, caramel, cookies or coffee. Such flavours are important for consumers because they convey pleasure and security. According to Mintel, on average in Europe, 86% of consumers say that familiar flavours bring them comfort.

Speciality Mushrooms:

There is rising interest with many consumers wanting to experiment with speciality mushrooms in their home cooking. Consumers are looking for more sustainable and natural ingredients in their food and drink, and demand for speciality mushrooms is on the rise.

We expect to see mushroom-infused foods and beverages becoming increasingly popular over the next year; from creamy soups and stews to coffees and teas that feature fungi. Speciality mushrooms could even become a new type of snack food as companies look for ways to cater to the growing plant-based movement.

Complex Hot Spicy Foods:

We expect to see growing interest in creative flavour combinations that feature complex hot sauces and spices, such as harissa, gochujang and sriracha. These flavours can provide an interesting contrast when paired with milder ingredients such as yoghurt or cheese; they can be used to add a unique twist to classic dishes such as tacos or pizzas. Heat-infused snacks are also becoming increasingly popular; think sour cream mixed with fiery habanero peppers, chilli-pepper-spiced popcorn, or spicy honey.

Food and beverage trends are constantly evolving, and 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the industry. On the one hand consumers are seeking exciting taste experiences and are willing to try new flavour combinations, on the other hand, nostalgic, classical tastes are in demand as they symbolise reliability and comfort. In general, strong, nostalgic as well as exotic flavours will continue to be significant. The challenge for food & beverage companies is to find the balance between novelty and familiarity.

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